As a triathlete, there is no doubt that improving our RUNNING is a key focus for most of us.   Myself included.

The TRICK is to continually build our “run specific muscular endurance” with as little running as possible.  HUH?

Yah, I said with as LITTLE running as possible.  You have to remember 3 important facts about triathlon training and running 1) We’re NOT runners, we’re triathletes and as such, we need to RUN and TRAIN like triathletes, not runners.   2) Running is a catabolic sport and thus, needs to be LIMITED to specific workouts guaranteed to help us get stronger.  Meaning, we don’t have time or resources to WASTE A RUN.  Lots of triathletes I encounter, struggle with this concept.  But even more is  3)  Continually running MORE MILES is a potentially dangerous tactic to take IF we are serious about improving as a TRIATHLETE, needing to BALANCE your training among 3 sports AND your life stress and obligations.

Sure, you’re gonna need to run and if you’re going for a 70.3 to an IRONMAN or longer…you’re gonna need to run more.  But, maybe there’s another way to MAXIMIZE our run specific fitness and MINIMIZE the damage it causes, by RUNNING LESS and EXTENDING our runs with specific POWER WALKS/HIKES.

Let me explain one triathlon run training technique I like to use…

“The Trail Run, Power Hike Method”  WATCH…


*If you’re using my TRI-PLAN 4P Training System, I recommend using this simple tactic once per week along with your RUN H.I.T 30 Workouts and/or Your IN-RUN WORKOUTS #4 and #5.  It’s a simple way to build more run specific strength, without killing yourself for your next training session.

**YES, you can so this on the road runs as well, BUT the trails offer a Neuromuscular benefit that the road running can not, which is why I prefer to do this particular triathlon training in the woods, on tough trails.  I get back on the road and BOOM-everything is easier!

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