Today’s follow-up PODCAST to “Epic Rides 101–Tough Love!” is all about the TRAINING PREPARATION and NUTRITION TIPS you need to consider and practice to achieve a successful EPIC RIDE.

I’ll share with you both SIMPLE training formats and more EXACT training prep using the CYCLO90 Base and CYCLO90 In-Season Systems I know many of you are wisely using to get to your big rides, ready for a BREAKTHROUGH DAY.

I’ve also got some secret tips about getting more value from your training, bootcamp ideas, mixing road and mtb training plans and other goodies.  ENJOY!

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This Week’s CYCLO90 Challenge winner is Tony Slater!

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If you don’t want a full training system to use for your Epic Rides, like CYCLO90 Base and/or CYCLO90 In-Season (recommended), but instead want ONE, EPIC FOCUSED, kick your climbing butt into gear workout with on the bike and off the bike CORE drills, advanced techniques, and a workout that will elevate your MENTAL TOUGHNESS, then check out my famous Climbing Epic Workout! Here’s a QUICK GLIMPSE at this workout…

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6 Responses to Epic Rides 101 PART 2: Training and Nutrition Preparation and Tips

  1. Jeff (JAT53) says:

    I’m definitely saving this podcast for later reference. The fueling/glycogen/preparing info is priceless.

  2. Brad (Pitbull) says:

    Great podcast. I like the idea of a self imposed boot camp. This is something I will add into my training. All together it will work into a training cycle with Cyclo 90.

  3. Listened to this last night and enjoyed as much as Part 1. Being a novice, I never really thought abou the fueling aspect of a long, should I say epic, ride. Like Jeff, I’ll save and listen again and again to remind myself of what NOT to do.

  4. Listened to the Podcast on Friday, bought the Cyclo-Fuel Plan on Saturday. I’m convinced. Figured I was spending the time, effort, and money on Training, I should put some effort into my nutrition – which hasn’t always been great. After listening the the audio and watching the videos, I spent 2 hours at Whole Foods and our local grocery store yesterday, reading labels and buying organic. I’ll give it a shot.

  5. Brad (Pitbull) says:

    Using Cyclo Fuel and using cyclo 90 in season. The HIT vidios have really help with my leg speed and over all cycling. Great information, I look forward to the next pod cast.

  6. Michael Charland (mike_ch_1) says:

    I really really really have to do Cyclo Fuel. I need to start it and go :P

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