Let’s not beat around the bush–YOU WANT TO RIDE FASTER, FOR LONGER–Right?

This increase in “Speed Endurance” requires three fundamental basic cycling principles and workouts, used together in progression to achieve MORE SPEED, FOR LONGER.  They include:

1.  Speed MUSCULAR Endurance  (The ability to turn a larger gear, for longer durations on the same terrain and/or tension.)

2.  Speed NEURO Endurance  (The ability to maintain a HIGHER RPM for longer periods, with control, at the same or higher power output.)

3.  Speed OPTIMIZED Endurance  (The ability to maximize and combine a HIGHER RPM in a BIGGER GEAR for longer durations AT THRESHOLD!  The true secret to MORE SPEED.)

SECRET:  To achieve 1-2 MPH faster sustainable speeds (or more) for your favorite group rides, time trials, endurance events, races, or all of the above you need to BALANCE ALL 3 ASSETS ABOVE, not just one!

Using our CYCLO90 Base and NEW CYCLO90 Day In-Season Road and MTB Training Systems, we’ll help you do just that and more!


Which CYCLO90 Day System is Best for You?


If you’re just getting started with Cyclo-CORE, we highly recommend starting with the CYCLO90 Base Training System as it will advance your fitness the fastest, regardless of current fitness or cycling experience.

More info and Order Here.


If you’ve already completed the CYCLO90 BASE and ready to ADVANCE your fitness even higher for specific goals, then you want to move into the CYCLO90 In-Season Road and or MTB System utilizing the new 11 HIT 30 workouts, ZONE TESTING and Specific GOAL PLANS for climbing, racing, and endurance events.

More Info and Order Here.

CYCLO90 Training Featured in Bicycling Magazine Apr/May Issue.  Here’s a Rider Review for the System…

Take Our 90 Day Challenge…


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6 Responses to Speed Endurance Progressions: Ride 1-2+ MPH Faster in Three, 30 Minute Workouts!

  1. Jeff (JAT53) says:

    Yesterday I did that Speed Neuro HIT in conjunction with the Climbing Attack HIT for the first time yet and it peeled me pretty good. In my first week of in-season power/climb. Love the RIPPED workout. Yeah, it’s short but if you push it to the limits it HURTS! I feel pumped all day after doing that workout.

  2. Brad (Pitbull) says:

    I was a skeptic, but since starting Cyclo 90 two months ago, I’ve gone from being dropped on the group rides, to the front of the group. I can’t believe the strength and speed I’ve gained in such a short time. Always riding with a smile on my face.

  3. I am loving the Endurance Program. I’m no longer getting dropped in my faster Tuesday night group rides. No longer feeling like garbage after a long distance ride. Planning for my first ever TT at the end of the month. I know using the Endurance Program, I am going to set my own bar pretty high.

  4. Tony Slater (Tonyslater) says:

    I can’t endorse this program enough! The guys I ride with regularly have been commenting on my increased speed, improved technique and particularly at how much quicker i am getting up and over the hills and that’s only after 3 weeks on the program. It’s certainly the toughest training I have ever done, particularly considering I have only been riding for a couple of years but it is getting noticable results and I am loving dishign out the hurt on some group rides instead of always being on the recieving end!

  5. Jeremy (LuckyLab) says:

    The progressions really work. Start from where you’re at and build from there. I feel stronger and the data says I am stronger and faster.

  6. It’s awesome. Combine this with Computrainer sessions and you have a great chance to train smart AND efficient. Best of both worlds.

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