How a Fellow Everyday Cyclist and New Triathlete Gained 5 MPH of Cycling SPEED Using Fundamentals and Focused Training at Only 70% Adherence to His Plan!

Hello Graeme:

I just want to say THANK YOU!  I just did my first sprint race of the season (3rd Tri overall) this past Sunday at the Red Bank Tri, NJ and finished 2nd in my age group. I am an OK swimmer and runner, so I basically, did it on the bike leg.  

I averaged a slow 14-15mph in my previous first 2 sprint tri races last year.  I then got your Cyclo90 HIT System earlier this year.  Started with BLOCK1,  followed about 60-70% of it with just the HITs and CORE.  Then a month and a half ago I decided to step it up with BLOCK2 Advance.  Again doing just about 70% of it with just the Cyclo-HITs and Cyclo-CORE workouts and a couple of long rides in the weekend.  Family and work makes is very hard to follow it 100%.   But with that,  I was able to average 19+mph and finish second in my AG.

I am a BELIEVER of your workouts!   Thank you so so so much.  Good Luck in Quassy!  Hope to see you there as I will be doing my first Olympic the day before your HIM.

–Philip Panajon

QUICK TIP:  Philip is a good example of using the CYCLO90 Base System to help prioritize his training and focus his training on things that will make a BIG IMPACT.  Even though Philip only followed 60-70% of what the FREE CYCLO90 PLAN asked him to do, he still made HUGE PROGRESS FORWARD in a very short amount of time.

Whether you are a cyclist, triathlete, or both (like me) you can use the CYCLO90 Base to quickly build your FUNDAMENTALS of STRENGTH and TECHNIQUE.  Then, you can take it up another level with the CYCLO90 In-Season Systems to balance, focus, and build your fitness specifically for your events and goals.

Even if you only use the CYCLO90 Systems as a “backdrop” of structure, you’ll get back results!  I don’t expect you to follow my systems 100%.  I sure don’t.  The point is that by using the HIT workouts, CORE 2.0 workouts, and my progressive IN-RIDE workouts included in both the CYCLO90 BASE and road or mtb CYCLCO90 IN-SEASON system, you will have the framework to build your cycling and triathlon fitness over time.  The more you use the CYCLO90 Systems, the more experienced you will become and the more results you will extract over time.

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 Start with the CYCLO90 Base System if you’re just starting with us…

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2 Responses to How to Build Up to 5 MPH Faster Cycling and Triathlon Speed!

  1. I have managed to get my average speed up almost 4mph faster than where I was last year at this time. Don’t have exact power numbers at this time, but I have increased in that as well, no doubt.

  2. Mark Johnson (MarkAJohnson) says:

    Those who have not tried Graeme’s systems and workouts do not understand just how powerful they are and how much improvement you will get!

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