Forget the Drama – Here’s What You Can Learn from Lance Armstrong

We all know the story of Lance Armstrong. Winning seven Tour de France titles. Losing seven Tour de France titles. And so much more.

It could spark a heated debate. But should it? Regardless of our opinions on the matter, it doesn’t really help us to get caught up in the drama.

What does help is to analyze the situation and see what nuggets of wisdom we can glean from all this.

It’s Not About the Bike

It’s not about the bike. Nor is it about doping or racing or winning the Tour, or claiming some KOMs on Strava.

It’s about the joy of riding. Camaraderie. Enjoying yourself. (You just happen to be riding a bike when you do it.)

Listen to Lance Armstrong’s Podcast

Lance has a new company named WEDŪ, which presents two podcasts: The Forward and THEMOVE.

Here’s how they describe them:

WEDŪ is a content destination designed to provoke and equip people to embody an endurance lifestyle. The Forward invites audiences into enlightening and down to earth conversations between Lance Armstrong and a myriad of personalities in entertainment, politics, business and beyond. THEMOVE offers listeners a rare, insider’s perspective on the world’s most iconic cycling races, including the Tour de France and the Classics, as well as the broader endurance sports scene.

If you’re looking for a Lance Armstrong podcast, find all episodes of The Forward here.

What is Lance Armstrong doing now?

In addition to the podcasts, he just finished filming for a documentary “LANCE” that is now playing on ESPN. Here’s how to watch online.

He is almost certainly a very busy businessman, running multiple businesses such as Juan Pelota Cafe and Mellow Johnny’s bike shop, and investing in others (such as Uber).

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