Meet Graeme Street
Owner and Entrepreneur of Cyclo-CORETM and Dreamer of the TEAMCycloCORE Sponsorship for "Everyday CyclistsTM"

I'm not a hard core racer. I'm not a climbing phenom. I'm not an ex-PRO or an Olympic Coach. I'm an "everyday cyclist" that has the education in exercise physiology and years of experience as a professional trainer along with a 20 year passion for cycling and the gift of being an entrepreneur to make a successful company out of nothing more that hard work and a dream.

Cyclo-CORETM was created by me from the ground floor up. I built in on blood, sewat and tears and through my passion and dedication to the lifestyle of cycling. I didn't create Cyclo-CORE for fun or to make a quick buck. I did it to make a differnce in people's lives.

I graduated from Florida State University in 1998 with my degree in exercise physiology and nutrition. I actually went to school for architecture if you can believe it and it wasn't until I took my first nutrition class that I quickly changed focus and set in motion my destiny to work with people, not objects.

I excelled at chemistry, biology, physiology, and nutrition. It just clicked with me almost to the point where I felt I had already learned the information from a previous life. I was acing classed that had less than a 50% passing rate and I was tutoring other students and working in the physiology lab with Masters and Ph.D. students on clinical testing as an undergraduate. VERY COOL!

Even though I loved learning about exercise testing, it wasn't for me. Not enough personal and emotional contact. I wanted to make more of an impact.

Once I completed my degree I was accepted to the University of Virginia for one of two spots to work hand in hand with a professor at the forefront of Human Growth Hormone therapy. At the time I had become very interested in pursuing my masters and eventually my doctorate in neuroendocrinology. I had also had the opportunity to go to the International Olympic Training Center and work with top athletes which most people would have assumed I would have chosen to do. Well...I didn't.

I passed on the chance to go to my entire families Alma matter (UVA) and my "dream school" and on the chance to work with world-class athletes because I didn't "feel" it in my heart. It was that choice and listening to my gut that set in motion the most important things in my life to come and it's made all the difference.

Instead of going to UVA I moved to Portland Maine with my parents (yikes) and applied for an internship at the University of New England to work with cardio-pulmonary diseased patients and as a physiologist with AIDS patients.

What?? I passed on athletes for people who could barely make it up a flight of stairs. Why?? Let's say I did it to bring myself back down to reality. I have always been a little self-centered and arrogant (at least my mom always tells me) and I thought this would be a chance to remedy that. did!

I learned a lot about myself in those years and I learned even more about people and how to "listen" (not one of my strong suits). I found my passion, which was working with people and I decided to take my certification from the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) and put it to use and got a job as a personal trainer at the Bay Club in Portland, ME. Glad I did!

Some of us never find true love and even fewer of us find our soul mates. Luckily for me, my life chart lead me to Portland to become a trainer and meet my beautiful wife Kate. She has been my partner, supporter, and best friend ever since. None of this would have been possible without her.

Fast forward a few years and Kate and I moved to CT and got jobs as trainers in two large corporate fitness facilities. Corporate was never our bag and we quickly found avenues out to start our own training company. At first we suffered and starved and then we found our way. Our business took off and we had waiting lists to get with us. This was also our first jump into the limelight as we got into radio (3 years) with our own show as well as writing for several magazines and being featured on TV and in dozens of newspapers. We worked and worked, but Kate and I like to shake things we got pregnant. That did the trick!

I thought I knew everything. I was young, confident, strong ,and self-motivated. I had a successful company and my life was my own. Then a miracle happened and I soon realized that all that was secondary when the birth of my son ChristoFinn happened and now my life had new purpose and direction.
Up until we got pregnant, Kate and I had been struggling with our work. We had lost the passion and flare for it. There was something missing. I knew that Kate would eventually be out of the company when she had Finn, so it was up to me to figure out what direction I wanted to take that would make me happy about work everyday.

I decided to take all of my skills and all of my knowledge and apply it to what I had passion for...cycling! The thought of being a father propelled me to follow my dreams and follow my heart. I wanted to feel good about myself and who I was so I could be a better father. Glad I did, because all roads have been leading to this point!

I've never been one for labels and I've never really "followed the rules". I've always gone on "gut instincts" and "self-assertion". I believe that we are what we make ourselves and I don't believe in luck. It was this belief system that allowed me to overcome my fears and pursue my dream of becoming a cycling entrepreneur. Hence the birth of Cyclo-CORETM in 2004.

Cyclo-CORETM was not my first dive into multi-media. Kate and I had our own fitness programs and books for years before that and were focused mainly on the general health and weight loss market. It was OK, but not very successful. It wasn't because the products weren't good, but because they weren't us!

When I produced Cyclo-CORETM I made it reflect ME and my experiences and needs as a cyclist. I didn't put on an act or placate my customer. I delivered! This I believe is why it has been so successful. Cyclo-CORETM came out the door blazing and it's been growing ever since. Cyclo-ZEN and Cyclo-SPEED soon followed and a whole arsenal of training plans and training systems for cyclists of all levels. It was during this powerful growth phase of Cyclo-CORETM that I began to learn even more about my customers and what they wanted.

A good business owner knows his customers. He knows what they want and what they need. Above all, a good business owner knows themselves. I was fortunate enough to know who I was and I allowed myself to be REAL. It was this reality that formed a strong connection to my customer. Now I want to take it a step further and connect a whole cycling community!

This is my chance to give back! This is my chance to make my mark on cycling more than just a brand name and money. TEAMCycloCORE is my dream. It's my vision and I will stop at nothing to make it come to life.

You see my friend. This isn't really about me at all. It's about ALL of us and what we as "everyday cyclists" represent to the world. We bring the idea that we have the power to better ourselves and better the world with each century, group ride, charity event, race, hill climb, and every pedal stroke in between.

TEAMCycloCORE is about YOU! I am giving YOU the opportunity to give back to cycling too! I don't care if you're old, young, fat, thin, poor or rich. We can all share and learn from each other and TEAMCycloCORE will be our home!

Why Do I Ride?TM

For me, cycling is my gateway to understanding who I am and what I stand for. It's my personal way of connecting with myself on another level and a way for me to channel my energy into something positive. Cycling allows me to challenge my character and reaffirm my confidence. Cycling has been a major influence in my life and I know it will remain close to my heart forever. It's my chance to become a better person, a better husband, and a better father. Cycling has allowed my the freedom to live my dream life and it has connected me with you. Now I want to ask you...

The "Everyday Cyclists" of

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