How – And Why – To Do an FTP Test for Cycling

The FTP test. It’s the quintessential test to gauge your progress.

Today we’ll talk about the meaning of FTP in cycling, as well as how to test your FTP.

What is Functional Threshold Power (FTP)?

FTP is a measure of.

The FTP Test

To do an FTP test for cycling, you must ride your bike hard.

You would typically be on a stationary trainer.

You can also perform the FTP test on Zwift.

(Maybe you can perform an FTP test on a Peloton bike as well, but I’m not sure.)

How to Calculate FTP

Here’s the formula.

What’s a good FTP for a cyclist?

Obviously, if you’re doing the test, you want to know what is a good functional threshold power.

FTP chart

This is a helpful chart for guidance.

What about a pro cyclist?

A pro cyclist will probably have a higher FTP than you do.

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