Bike Review: Veloforma Strada SLR

One of the nicest bikes you may have never heard of, until now!

The Veloforma Strada SLR.

The company, Veloforma, is a small company based in Oregon. I just heard of them last year.

They are well-known for their cyclocross bikes. But I’m more of a roadie, so I’m new to the company.

So, today, we talk about the Veloforma Strada SLR road bike.

The ride. It rides like a Cannondale. It’s very stable.

It’s super stiff, but forgiving, fast, and light!

Who is this best for? A racer! This bike begs to be raced.

It’s not super aerodynamic, but the bike is dialed-in. It’s built for pure speed.

It climbs like a demon.

And it’s light. The frame is 870 grams. You can easily build it out under 15 pounds. If you prioritize weight, it could be built under 14 pounds!


Two-tone paint job. Wow! The aesthetics are fantastic. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such a nicely painted bike.

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