Review: ROTOR Q-Rings and 3D Cranks (Are Oval Chainrings Worth It?)

Today’s review focuses on ROTOR Q-Rings and 3D Cranks.

These are oval chainrings, rather than the traditional round rings.

For me, they reduced knee pain, reduced leg cramps, and improved my performance.

What are Q rings?

First and foremost, they are designed to eliminate the ‘dead spot’ of our pedal stroke.

So, with a 50T ring, it’s equivalent to riding something like a 32 tooth chainring at the weak spot. And then at the power position, the chainring is equivalent to maybe a 52 tooth. So you maximize your muscle output.

It leads to a very smooth, fluid pedal stroke.

Why use the “aero” version?

Get the “aero” version of the Q rings. A little more expensive, but they are stiffer!

Do they shift well?

Yes! Back in 2007, yeah, shifting was a little rough.

But Rotor has improved their products and the shifting is phenomenal now.

Now what about the 3D cranks?

These are stiff aluminum cranks.

They are my favorite cranks available anywhere.

Do yourself a favor and get some of these, along with a self aligning bottom bracket.


Start in the “3” position.

Adjust as necessary.

Alert! ROTOR 3D Cranks Cobo Edition Red!

A new, limited edition of the Rotor “3D Plus” version cranks.

These are anodized red to celebrate Juan José Cobo winning the 2011 Vuelta a España. (Rotor is a Spanish company.)

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